Volunteer Guidelines

Volunteer guidelines

Organizers want to make volunteering a positive experience. Any questions, concerns or suggestions should be directed to the Volunteer Coordinators

  1. Volunteers are ambassadors of the Wapiti Music Festival and, as such, will represent Wapiti in a positive manner to festival patrons, performers, vendors and other volunteers.
  2. Customer service and making the festival the best it can be are the main goals of volunteer service.
  3. All volunteers must sign the Wapiti Volunteer Liability Wavier prior to their first shift.
  4. Volunteers are expected to fulfill the shifts they have committed to for the weekend.
  5. Volunteers must not be under the influence, possess or consume alcohol while on shift or while wearing their Wapiti Volunteer shirt.
    • If volunteers choose to consume alcohol in the Beer Tent once their shift is over, please change your shirt first. This includes Beer Tent volunteers.
  6. Volunteers must not be under the influence, possess or use illegal drugs/ substances while on the Festival site. Failure to comply will not only result in your festival pass being revoked, the authorities will also be notified.
  7. Smoking while on duty is not permitted. If volunteers cannot get through their allotted shift without smoking they must speak to the Volunteer Coordinators at the start of their shift so appropriate arrangements can be made.
  8. Volunteers must not use profane and offensive language.
  9. Volunteers will not use Wapiti Festival properties or monies for their own personal advantage.
  10. Volunteers will respect any equipment given to them for their assigned positions and use the equipment only as they have been trained. All equipment must be returned at the end of each shift.
  11. Volunteers are not allowed onstage or backstage unless they are specifically scheduled for “Stage” and then only while on shift.
  12. Volunteers should limit cell phone use while on duty. Please remember that customers and duties always come first.
  13. Volunteers should have fun and enjoy the weekend!!
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