Volunteer Duties: Waste Management/Floater

  1. Check each garbage and recycling station on festival grounds at least once during each 3 hour shift and once an hour during busy periods.
  2. Empty receptacle and change any bags >3/4 full. Deliver all recycling and waste bags to the waste area located in the parking lot outside the main gate.
  3. Check fuel levels in all generators (aside from stage) at least once per 3 hour shift and refill as needed. Contact a festival co-ordinator (Kevin, Pierre) or volunteer coordinators Jen, Jeni) directly or by radio if you are uncomfortable or unsure of how to refuel the generators.
  4. Carry a radio and be ready to respond to requests for assistance in any area of the festival. This may include leaving festival grounds (at your own risk) in order to replenish any needed supplies including travelling to the Fernie Arena to collect ice for the beer tent.
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