Volunteer Duties: Tickets

  1. Enthusiastically meet and greet festival patrons and answer questions. You are the first point of contact for our festival patrons so please help ensure that their festival experience starts on a positive note.
  2. You will likely be asked a number of questions about the festival. We will have a list of FAQs at the ticket area and gate. If there are additional questions asked and answered, please add them to the list for the next shift.
  3. Festival rules will also be posted in the ticket area and at each gate. Patrons MUST have the appropriate colour of wristband to enter the festival at either gate. Tickets may only be purchased at the main gate.
  4. There will be 3 lines for tickets:
  5. Will Call (tickets purchased online in advance):
    • There will be a list with the name, address and # of tickets purchased. Patron must present ID with the same name as the purchase.
    • Cross patrons name off of the list. Take stubs from tickets.
    • Provide patron with tickets (proof of purchase) and correct number of wristbands
    • Age of majority will be a birth date of August 7, 1996, or earlier.
  6. On-Site Purchase:
    • Take payment for ticket purchase. (can use cash, debit or credit)
    • Tear off stub and hand ticket to the patron. Apply appropriate colour of wristband snugly to patron’s wrist.

    Children 12 and under and Adults 65 yrs and over are FREE.

  7. Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian to enter the festival.
  8. Bands may also pick up their “welcome package” including festival passes and essential information at the ticket area. ID is required for package pick-up and each band should have a specific “contact person”. This name will be on a list at the ticket area. The band name will be checked off a list once the package is picked up. If a band requires any additional festival passes, this must be discussed and approved by a festival organizer, Chantal (can be reached via radio).
  9. There will be no ticket sales and no admission to non-ticket holders after 10 pm on Fri or Sat night.
  10. There is NO REPLACEMENT for LOST or BROKEN wristbands. All ticket sellers must let the patrons know this as they are attaching their Wrist Bands on. They must leave their bands on!
  11. Pierre Dupont will be providing cash box/change and can be contacted by radio if more change is needed.
  12. Your supervisor is Aysha Haines. She can be reached via radio if any problems arise.
  13. Ticket sellers on the 9 pm – Midnight shift. You will be moved to Bike Lock Up to assist there once tickets close at 10 pm.
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