Volunteer Duties: Parking

All parking attendants will be provided with a radio and high visibility vest.

Volunteer #1

  1. One parking lot worker will be stationed on top of the dyke at the entrance to the parking lot.
  2. This volunteer ensures that the dyke and more importantly the parking lot side of the dyke are clear of walking patrons before the car comes over and crests the dyke.
  3. This volunteer can also ensure walking patrons walk to side of the entrance and not in the middle of the road.

Help ensure a smooth safe flow of traffic, bikes, and pedestrians in and out of the park.

Volunteer #2

  1. Be at the bottom of the dyke to direct cars to the parking lot.
  2. Cars should not head towards the ticket booth area unless they are dropping off a disabled, elderly patron.
  3. Ensure patrons park in a logical and organized fashion, as indicated by ropes, barriers etc.
  4. Direct bands to park on the treed side of the parking area and head to the ticket booth to pick up their accreditation and passes.
  5. If bands need to drop off equipment back stage direct them to the back of the parking lot. There will be a security person on the dyke that will give them access to drive along the dyke to the backstage area.
  6. If only ONE Parking Lot Volunteer is present. Volunteer #1 will stop the car at the top of the dyke and verbally instruct them what to do (i.e. what Volunteer #2 would do).
  7. Parking attendants working at night will be provided with a flashlight.
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