Volunteer Duties: Merchandise

All merchandise prices INCLUDE tax.

  1. Greet customers and assist with finding appropriate sizes colours etc.
  2. Operate debit machine and/or use cash box to accept payment (cash, visa or mastercard) for merchandise.
  3. Each band should provide a price list for items. Wapiti will provide a price list and signs for our souvenir items. No haggling!
  4. Wapiti merchandise should be counted and recorded at the beginning and end of each day, if not each shift, and recorded on the sheet provided so that we can determine what has been sold.
  5. As bands drop off merchandise, inventory must be recorded (including item, size, colour etc.) on the sheet provided. Inventory for each band will be recounted and recorded at pick-up. The difference between these numbers will be used to calculate “sales” for the band. 10% of all sales will go toward the Wapiti Music Festival. Pierre Dupont may be contacted by radio to provide a cheque for bands at the time of pick-up.
  6. Pierre Dupont or the volunteer supervisor Lisa should be informed immediately if change is needed. Pierre will be doing regular deposits (every 1-2 hours) during the festival to ensure that we never have too much cash on hand in the tent.
  7. Never leave the cash box unattended or within reach of the customers. No customer should be allowed behind the merchandise tables in the tent.
  8. For any issues please contact Lisa the Merchandise supervisor via the radio or your Volly Coordinators (Jeni or Jeni) if there are questions. Float/change questions can be directed to Pierre.
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