Volunteer Duties: Gate A

  1. Festival rules will be posted at each gate. Glass, alcohol, or other non-factory sealed beverage containers, dogs, drugs, and weapons will not be permitted at the festival. Patrons are encouraged to bring an empty, reusable water bottle to refill on the festival grounds.
  2. One person should ensure that each patron passing through the gate has the appropriate coloured wristband FASTENED to their wrist, regardless of how many times they’ve been through the gate. Patrons are told at the ticket booth that they must keep the wristband on the entire festival.
  3. Cut off or broken wristbands are NOT ALLOWED entry!

  4. If patrons have a backpack, bag or large purse please instruct them to go to the professional security guard present at the gate. They will ask each patron to open any bag, purse, or baby buggy so that the gate attendant can check for any banned items (see above). OR, if a bag is difficult to check visually, the PATRON is required to empty their own bag onto a table. You are not required or permitted to manually search a patron or their belongings.
  5. Any alcohol, glass, unsealed beverages etc. must be disposed of immediately in a garbage can at the gate. The patron is not permitted to finish his “drink” while standing at the gate. Consuming alcohol in a public place is against the law.
  6. If there are any disputes or conflicts, you have a professional security person with you and/or get one of the festival organizers as soon as possible. Ticket tent has a radio to use.
  7. Ticket sales will end at 10 p.m. each night. People without tickets will not be permitted to enter the festival after that time.
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