Volunteer Duties: Bike Lock-Up

    Putting Bike in Bike Lock Up

  1. Greet patrons
  2. At the entrance to the gate – ATTACH the ticket with a zip tie to the front of the patron’s bike (Volunteers must do this, do not let the patron take it and do it themselves).
  3. Tear off the end and give the stub to the patron. Tell them to put it in a SECURE place as that is what is needed to retrieve their bike. No ticket! No Bike!
  4. Once the ticket has been fastened and the patron has the stub tell them to enter the bike lockup area and put their bike on the rack. Tell them to note where they put the bike.
  5. Inform the patrons that they must pick up their bike at the end of the day. THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT SECURITY.
  6. Any bike left after festival closing is at their own risk!

    Picking Up the Bike

  7. Patrons must show their ticket stub before entering the bike ticket area.
  8. Keep an eye on the patrons in the bike lockup area. Ensure they are looking for their own bike (not switching tags!)
  9. Once patrons find the bike they must present their stub and the volunteer must check to verify that the ticket stub number matches the number on the bike before the patron can leave the bike lockup area with the bike. To retrieve a bike, the patron must show the bike lock attendant their ticket.
  10. If a patron has “lost” their ticket stub please direct them to Volunteer Tent. The Volunteer Coordinators will take care of them. They will not be able to retrieve their bike until the end of the night once all the patrons have left the grounds.
    • Patron must tell Volunteer Coordinator what their bike is (describe the bike)
    • Patron must provide ID to Volunteer Coordinator who will take their details and contact number
    • Patron must wait until the end of the night to retrieve their bike (once all other patrons have collected their bikes left the grounds).
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