Volunteer Duties: Beverage Garden

Casey Brennan is the Beverage Garden Manager

  1. Ticket sales will stop at 10 p.m. each night with last call at 10:30 p.m.
  2. Ensure all beer tent customers are of legal age (19+ yrs) to consume alcohol. Our liquor license requires that anyone that looks <25 yrs of age must present 2 pieces of i.d. to prove age of majority. Minors are not permitted in the beer tent. If you suspect a minor in the beer tent you must ask for their ID.
  3. The beer tent takes both cash or debit/credit.
  4. Smoking will not be permitted in the beer tent. There is a designated smoking area located behind the beer tent.
  5. Drink tickets may not be sold to anyone under the age of 19 nor to any patron that is visibly intoxicated.
  6. On that note same goes for alcohol. Even if they still have tickets we CANNOT serve alcohol to a patron that is intoxicated (as per your Serving It Right Training). If a patron is not cooperating with being cut off, please get the Beer Tent supervisor Casey or the professional security on site to assist.
  7. We will not refund any unused drink tickets.
  8. Beer Tent capacity will be controlled by security at the main entrance. If you notice a security “issue” or someone should be removed from the beer tent, please advise the professional security or a Wapiti festival supervisor. Do not try to deal with security issues (fights etc.) yourself.
  9. During slower periods/as able 1 person from the cider and/or wine table is expected to clean the beer tent, change garbage etc. Beer Volunteers, you may also be asked to get ice for Fernie Brewing Company from the Fernie Arena. Volunteers working the last shift are expected to assist with clean-up and tear-down each night.
  10. Never leave the cash box or alcohol unattended or within reach of patrons.
  11. Use the radio (located at beer tickets) to contact one of the beer tent supervisor Casey Brennan or your Volly Coordinators (Jeni or Jeni) if there are questions. Float/change questions can be directed to Pierre.
  12. Alcohol (beer, wine, cider) must be poured according to the guidelines specified by Casey Brennan or another festival co-ordinator. Over-pouring or failing to collect money or the appropriate ticket for a beverage may result in your removal from your position and the festival.
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