Wapiti Lineup

Our 11th anniversary of Wapiti Music Festival features:

  • Katie Tupper Katie Tupper - Beneath the painted hues and infinite prairie skies of Saskatoon — a city in the heart of Canada — lies a soulful, creative spirit that proves there’s much more to the so-called ‘fly-over states’ than grassland and grain silos. Katie Tupper, a 24-year old neo-soul musician, embodies that spirit and is determined to show there’s… Continue reading Katie Tupper
  • Los Duendes Los Duendes - Los Duendes is Vancouver’s very own Psych Latin Fusion group! Infectious tropical rhythms intertwined with spicy Latin melodies designed to make people feel uplifted and groove. The term “Psych Cumbia” has found its place in Latin America as a way of referring to various different styles of tropical Latin American music. Los Duendes performs topicalized… Continue reading Los Duendes
  • Heather Gemmell Heather Gemmell - With a flat-brimmed hat, golden waist-length locks and a radiant smile – Heather Gemmell brandishes her own distinct style as a mountain artist. She is the winner of the CBC Searchlight 2022 Fan Choice Award for her song NorthStar Burning. A song that captured the hearts of thousands of people across western Canada depicting the heinous… Continue reading Heather Gemmell
  • Shad Shad - Shad is one of Canada’s most revered rappers, a peerless wordsmith who embodies hip-hop’s power to entertain and educate. Since releasing his DIY debut in 2005, the Toronto-based MC has pushed his style of socially conscious yet infectiously playful hip-hop across five increasingly ambitious albums that have received widespread critical acclaim and coverage in outlets… Continue reading Shad
  • Elliott Brood Elliott BROOD - From the mountains of Utah to the trenches of Vimy Ridge, Elliott BROOD’s songs have travelled the gore and glory of history in equal measure for nearly a decade. With the stomp and thrash of their early albums, Elliott BROOD carved their niche drawing from history and memory. As heavy and harrowing as the past… Continue reading Elliott BROOD
  • Stars STARS - If you Google “Capelton Hill,” you won’t find much. The search engine will correct and redirect you: did you mean Mapleton Hill? Capelton Hill is a place that somehow still exists outside the grasp of algorithms and internet surveillance, in the rolling green foothills around North Hatley, Quebec. Without people who know the place, it… Continue reading STARS
  • Logan Staats Logan Staats - In 2018, veracious Mohawk singer-songwriter Logan Staats was chosen from 10,000 hopeful contestants vying for a spot on the musical competition show The Launch. Before an audience of 1.4 million viewers, Staats won, officiating the breakthrough that would lead him to Nashville and Los Angeles, and to his single “The Lucky Ones” winning the Indigenous… Continue reading Logan Staats
  • Tanika Charles Tanika Charles - Toronto-based 2x Juno Award nominee and Soul music powerhouse Tanika Charles has slowly but surely inserted herself as a staple of the genre both at home and abroad. Her music revels in honesty and attitude, her live show is high energy and endearing, and she continues to win audiences over one album, one stream, and… Continue reading Tanika Charles
  • Alex Maher Alex Maher - Alex’s music is a masterclass in instrumentation. Fusing jazz chops with classic soul influences, funk, and electro-pop, his songwriting explores human connection in the Anthropocene. A Filipino-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and loop artist, Alex’s solo performances showcase his musical instincts. Layer by layer, he performs percussion, electric guitar, soulful vocals, keys, synth, SPDS drum pad and alto… Continue reading Alex Maher
  • Moontricks Moontricks - Based in the rustic Kootenay mountains of Western Canada, Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman of the nationally renowned electro-folk duo Moontricks draw inspiration from the ongoing cycles of the natural world. Both volatile and constant—like nature’s best offerings—the band finds solace and beauty in the fusion of seemingly disparate elements. There’s a kind of technicolour… Continue reading Moontricks

Curious about what artists have performed at Wapiti? Check out our Musical Alumni Page.

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