Emergency Stop & Shutdown Policy

The Wapiti Music Festival Society (WMFS) is committed to creating a safe environment for all participants. 

In the event of an environmental, health or other safety concern, the festival organizers have the right to temporarily stop or shut down the event. 

The people with the authority to call an emergency stop or shutdown of the festival include: 

  • Wapiti Board Members
  • Stage Manager
  • Volunteer Manager
  • First Aid Tent Manager
  • Local Authorities (Fire/Police/Ambulance)

If the festival is temporarily stopped to address a safety concern, all onsite board members will convene at the Volunteer tent, if it is safe to do so, to determine next steps. Following the stop of the festival, the re-start of the event will be at the discretion of Wapiti board members and local authorities, if present. If the site is unsafe, board members will convene at an off-site location to determine next steps. 

If the festival is temporarily stopped and evacuated, in the instance of an event such as a  thunderstorm or temporary health concern, updates will be provided on the festival’s social media including Facebook and Instagram. Messaging to volunteers will be completed through the InitLive volunteer app. 

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