Never one to shy away from speaking her mind, Laura Mina Mitic will always be the last one to tell you about herself. Instead you’ll hear about music, band mates, politics, touring and a deep reverence for humanity and the earth. You’ll hear the same on Carmanah’s first national release ‘Speak In Rhythms’, a modern eleven-song album that overflows with emotion, afterhours cool, groove and tantalizing hints of gritty vintage flavours that influence it’s modern sound.

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Nuela Charles

Nuela Charles

2x JUNO-Award nominated Nuela Charles is an alternative/soul singer-songwriter known for her soulful vocals and captivating stage presence. With the release of her new EP “Distant Danger” –Nuela is solidifying herself as a Canadian music staple. Her singles “Do it Right”and “Danger” maintained steady ground on the CBC Radio Music charts, collectively spending over 14 weeks in the Top 20, and had “Do it Right” named as one of 2018’s Top 100 Canadian songs.

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2019 Wapiti Artwork – Brina Schenk

Brina Schenk

Brina Schenk was born in Ontario where she grew up surrounded by music and makers but her love of visual arts didn’t surface until she was in college. Finishing up her graphic design course in Victoria, Brina had endless exposure to the many uses of digital arts, for both print and online, at a prestigious ad agency. Not long after moving to Vancouver, Brina co-owned a little stationery business for couples getting married around the world where she continued to grow as an illustrator. She also dabbled in book design and illustrating for periodicals. During this time, it was suggested to Brina to buy some paints and that’s when her love of painting began.

In 2008, Brina moved to Fernie and has grown as a painter, illustrator, pixel manipulator and mobile creator. Now a wife and a mom of 2, she continues to be inspired by the world around her, the people she meets and all the big and little moments of each day.

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