The Greenest Event in Fernie BC

Green Wapiti

Wapiti Wins Greenest Event Award from Wildsight

A top priority of Wapiti has always been to consider the environmental impact our festival would have.

After some consultations and teamwork among community members, Wapiti has always will continue to strive to present an event with the lowest impact as possible.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

In 2017 Wapiti won “Greenest Event” in Fernie from the Wildsight Green Awards.

Not only is this important to the board of directors and all Wapiti volunteers, but it’s important to our guests.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton
if you have any suggestions.

How we strive for green?

1. Reusable Metal Beer Cups. These metal beer cups are produced by the Steelworks of England. After 2 years into this system, we have seen the results and it has drastically cut our beer cup impact. Beer cups are $10 and hold 20oz of beer. Guests bring them back year after year.

2. Recycling. Sorted recycling stations are throughout the festival for trash and managed by Wildsight member volunteers

3. Paperless Tickets – we are all digital. Unless we are asked specifically for a paper ticket in checkout.

4. We encourage riding bikes to the festival by offering a free and secure bike check. See blog here (link to bike check blog )

5. We’re always looking for new ideas to reduce our impact, so drop us a line

Green Wapiti
Photo by Sharon Kelly

The Music Festival Food Truck Experience

Food Vendors

If you came just for the food, we wouldn’t judge you.

Food trucks and music festivals go hand in hand. And in Fernie, BC the food vendor scene is a scene stealer!

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

What are you craving? What smell has got you spinning? We have something for everyone here. A foodie delight and fuel for a day at the festival.

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Alongside the food vendors, you will find an eclectic mix of artisans too. Take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from our small but mighty festival.

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Looking to eat out on the town in Fernie while you are here? Check these restaurants out!

The Craft Beer & Music Festival Experience Fernie BC

Craft Beer and Music

Incredible sound paired with rustic hoppy notes and a delicious bouquet.

At Wapiti we feature the best BC craft beer. On tap, you will find a variety of Fernie Brewing Company brews served by our helpful beer tent volunteers. Ice cold and served in a reusable metal beer cup (if you choose to purchase the reusable souvenir cup, it’s totally optional, but it’s super rad).

Fernie Brewing Co:

“At our award-winning brewery, we take no shortcuts. We use premium 2-row barley malt and European Hops. We let our Ales age to perfection. We use no fillers, adjuncts or preservatives. The result is delicious & refreshing brews.
Whether flavoured with local delicacies or Canadian favourites, our specialty brews are the creativity of many minds that have been exposed to an excessive amount of mind-clearing mountain air. Be warned, the result can be dangerously delicious… ”
– exert from the FBC Website

While you are music festivaling around the site at Wapiti, wouldn’t it be nice if you could lay on the blanket with your significant other or dance up front with your friends?

Well at Wapiti you can!

We allow beer, wine, and ice cold cider to roam free around the site until 9 pm. After 9 pm alcoholic beverages must be consumed within the beer tent gates.

Check out our beer tent vendors:

Fernie Brewing Co
Wine (TBA)
Cider (TBA)

The Best Music Festival in BC Serves Organic Music

The Dead South at Wapiti 107

What is “Indie” music anyway?

At Wapiti, we love to describe our style as “Indie music”.

But what the heck does that mean anyway? What is Indie music?

Well, historically Indie artists were the “anti-mainstream” artists in the music industry. People (like us) wanted something new and fresh and not manufactured sounding. This is where mavens came to flourish and soon trend spotters would mimic their style. Over time, naturally, the mainstreamers picked up on this trend and tried to make this Indie spirit – mainstream. And in some circles, yes, some Indie had “sold out to the man”.

But really, the true spirit of Indie lived on and is alive and well among many Canadian artists. An Indie artist crafts their sound and style to what they feel is right for them. They are the organic side of the music industry.

Indie music can be jazz, rock, electronic, etc. etc.

So, with that all in mind you can see how we at Wapiti came to the conclusion that when collecting a line-up to present to Fernie and its visitors, Indie music was a no-brainer. Indie music is where it’s at! Fernie itself is a very organic experience; Indie music to Fernie is like a fine red wine to a grass-fed free-range beef steak.

Wapiti scouts for the best Indie music in Canada and brings it to Fernie every August. We love to say “catch the next Arcade Fire here!” – artists that are about to really break out!