2018 ArtExpo

ArtExpo2018 is now set up and ready to go for Wapiti! Yet another year of great art created by our talented local artists. Votes will be collected via onsite ballots during the Wapiti Festival and the Wapiti peoples choice award of $200 will be announced this Saturday at 6 PM at the main stage. After… Continue reading 2018 ArtExpo

What is Brasshop?

Chantel, Artistic director at Wapiti chats with Danno O’Shea Band leader and drummer of My Son the Hurricane! (2 min read) Chantel: What is the music style of MSTH? Danno: Well, we call it brasshop…tons of horns, multi drummer, multi singer…it’s a dance floor starter for sure. It’s like voltage enhance Lawrence Welk without the… Continue reading What is Brasshop?

Nichole Yanota

Our 2018 artwork was created by Nichole Yanota. Raised in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, Nichole has always been inspired by the brilliance of her natural world – the blossoming cactus a perfect coexistence of fragile and fierce. Using elements from nature as fuel for storytelling, she illustrates the woes and wonders of being… Continue reading Nichole Yanota

Ride Your Bike to Wapiti

Photo - Sharon Kelly

Check, Check, Check out our amazing Bike Check Who wants to avoid driving cars in cramped hot parking lots? Who wants to feel the air breezing through their hair when its 28 degrees out? We got your back bike! Did you know Wapiti offers an incredible bike check system? Yes, you bet. Ride your bike… Continue reading Ride Your Bike to Wapiti

Who is Wapiti Music Festival?

Wapiti Music Festival Society Wapiti is a non-profit organization. We began this journey in the fall of 2010. There is a board of directors and a society of members that work year-round. Year-round meetings are gathered around craft beer, delicious cheeses, and sometimes several orders of scrumptious hot wings. Wapiti Music Festival Society Board of… Continue reading Who is Wapiti Music Festival?

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