Nichole Yanota

Our 2018 artwork was created by Nichole Yanota.

Nichole Yanota

Raised in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, Nichole has always been inspired by the brilliance of her natural world – the blossoming cactus a perfect coexistence of fragile and fierce. Using elements from nature as fuel for storytelling, she illustrates the woes and wonders of being human. She currently resides in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where she spends her days in the Artist Collective Studio creating paintings, illustrations, stamp carvings, and digital art.

2018 Wapiti Artwork

Nichole Yanota

Nichole Yanota


Ride Your Bike to Wapiti

Ride Your Bike

Check, Check, Check out our amazing Bike Check

Who wants to avoid driving cars in cramped hot parking lots?

Who wants to feel the air breezing through their hair when its 28 degrees out?

We got your back bike!

Did you know Wapiti offers an incredible bike check system?

Yes, you bet. Ride your bike to Wapiti and simply drop your bike at our bike check at the main entrance of the festival (you can’t miss it) with one of your trusty volunteers and go worry free into the festival. Our bike check is secure, you will be given a ticket voucher to claim your bike. Please, for the love of all music, hang on to this ticket and keep it safe.

Do you want to bike around Fernie after the festival?

Check out these awesome links:

Tourism Fernie Mountain Bike Trails

Bike Fernie Trail Guide

Who is Wapiti Music Festival?

Wapiti Society

Wapiti is a non-profit organization. We began this journey in the fall of 2010.

There is a board of directors and a society of members that work year round. Year-round meetings are gathered around craft beer, delicious cheeses, and sometimes several orders of scrumptious hot wings.

Wapiti Music Festival Society Board of Directors:

  • Kevin McIsaac
  • Pierre Dupont
  • Paul Michael
  • Casey Brennan
  • Chantel Vincent

You can find this brood on Wednesdays at a local Fernie pub discussing and planning all while beaming with pride. Because Wapiti grows and grows from the hearts of passionate volunteers who just really give a damn about bringing good music to good people. It’s really that simple.

“Everyone who works on Wapiti is just so cool and hip, hahaha, actually no, we are mostly a bunch of nerds, but it’s all so ironic that it makes us truly authentic. These nerds know how to throw a party! – A very well run and organized party haha!” – Chantel Vincent, Artistic Director.

Wapiti Volunteer
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Maybe you would like to join us? Reach out to us!

Contact us.

Volunteer with us.

The Greenest Event in Fernie BC

Green Wapiti

Wapiti Wins Greenest Event Award from Wildsight

A top priority of Wapiti has always been to consider the environmental impact our festival would have.

After some consultations and teamwork among community members, Wapiti has always will continue to strive to present an event with the lowest impact as possible.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

In 2017 Wapiti won “Greenest Event” in Fernie from the Wildsight Green Awards.

Not only is this important to the board of directors and all Wapiti volunteers, but it’s important to our guests.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton
if you have any suggestions.

How we strive for green?

1. Reusable Metal Beer Cups. These metal beer cups are produced by the Steelworks of England. After 2 years into this system, we have seen the results and it has drastically cut our beer cup impact. Beer cups are $10 and hold 20oz of beer. Guests bring them back year after year.

2. Recycling. Sorted recycling stations are throughout the festival for trash and managed by Wildsight member volunteers

3. Paperless Tickets – we are all digital. Unless we are asked specifically for a paper ticket in checkout.

4. We encourage riding bikes to the festival by offering a free and secure bike check. See blog here (link to bike check blog )

5. We’re always looking for new ideas to reduce our impact, so drop us a line

Green Wapiti
Photo by Sharon Kelly

The Music Festival Food Truck Experience

Food Vendors

If you came just for the food, we wouldn’t judge you.

Food trucks and music festivals go hand in hand. And in Fernie, BC the food vendor scene is a scene stealer!

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

What are you craving? What smell has got you spinning? We have something for everyone here. A foodie delight and fuel for a day at the festival.

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Alongside the food vendors, you will find an eclectic mix of artisans too. Take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir from our small but mighty festival.

Food Vendors
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

Looking to eat out on the town in Fernie while you are here? Check these restaurants out!