Lennan Delaney and Nathan Bishop MacDonald

Lennan Delaney

Wapiti Music Festival Lennan Delaney

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia- traditional fiddling sensation, Lennan Delaney fuses traditional elements of both Scottish and Irish music into contemporary arrangements. Known for his infectious energy and passion on stage, Delaney has commanded listening audiences’ attention across the provinces of Canada, the US and Europe.

Lennan began his musical career at the age of 8, where he captured the attention of family members and house guests with his ability to learn scottish airs ‘by ear’ as well as by standard notation. By age 10, Lennan was performing to audiences of over 11,000 Celtic music enthusiasts, interviewed on CBC radio and had several recordings on the local media channels.

Though regarded as a traditional celtic musician through such US tours as Frank McCourt’s- Echoes of Ireland, and through the traveling European dance production, The Magic of Ireland, Lennan Delaney has proven to be more that just a Celtic fiddler player in the Performing Arts scene. With his warm mesmeric improvisation on mandolin and acoustic guitar he has collaborated with numerous multicultural music artists, mainstream top 40 performers and award winning musical groups in New England, the Maritime provinces, as well Southern Ontario.

Nathan Bishop MacDonald

Wapiti Music Festival Nathan Bishop MacDonald

A native of Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nathan Bishop MacDonald is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. He was a founding member of the popular Celtic band, Celtae, which toured out of Ottawa in the early 2000s. Nathan wrote or co-wrote all of the original songs on Celtae’s debut album, “No Regrets.”

His song "Merchant Marine" was the theme song for Paul Ciufo’s CBC radio drama, On Convoy and was also released on Avondale Records’ 2004 release, Singalongs & Shanties 2. MacDonald is a baritone singer who performs music on guitar, bodhran, and a variety of other instruments.
MacDonald has performed at major festivals throughout Canada including the Canadian Tulip Festival, The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, The Regina Mosaic Multicultural Festival and more. He has also performed at prestigious venues such as the National Arts Centre, in Ottawa, The Savoy Theatre in Glace Bay, Cape Breton, and Centre Point Theatre in Ottawa.

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Nichole Yanota

Our 2018 artwork was created by Nichole Yanota.

Nichole Yanota

Raised in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, Nichole has always been inspired by the brilliance of her natural world – the blossoming cactus a perfect coexistence of fragile and fierce. Using elements from nature as fuel for storytelling, she illustrates the woes and wonders of being human. She currently resides in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where she spends her days in the Artist Collective Studio creating paintings, illustrations, stamp carvings, and digital art.

2018 Wapiti Artwork

Nichole Yanota

Nichole Yanota


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Wapiti is a non-profit organization. We began this journey in the fall of 2010.

There is a board of directors and a society of members that work year round. Year-round meetings are gathered around craft beer, delicious cheeses, and sometimes several orders of scrumptious hot wings.

Wapiti Music Festival Society Board of Directors:

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“Everyone who works on Wapiti is just so cool and hip, hahaha, actually no, we are mostly a bunch of nerds, but it’s all so ironic that it makes us truly authentic. These nerds know how to throw a party! – A very well run and organized party haha!” – Chantel Vincent, Artistic Director.

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