2018 ArtExpo

2018 Wapiti ArtExpo All Artists

ArtExpo2018 is now set up and ready to go for Wapiti!

Yet another year of great art created by our talented local artists.

Votes will be collected via onsite ballots during the Wapiti Festival and the Wapiti peoples choice award of $200 will be announced this Saturday at 6 PM at the main stage.

After Wapiti the ArtExpo will be moved to the Arts Station for display during the August Wednesday Socials on Arts Station Square. This allows more people to see the art and have the opportunity to vote online for their favourite!

Online voting is now open and will stay open until August 29th, 7 PM. The online artwork favourite and an additional $200 prize will be announced on August 29th after voting closes.

Use this link vote online.

What is Brasshop?

Chantel, Artistic director at Wapiti chats with Danno O’Shea
Band leader and drummer of My Son the Hurricane! (2 min read)

My Son the Hurricane Interview
My Son the Hurricane is coming WEST!

Chantel: What is the music style of MSTH?

Danno: Well, we call it brasshop…tons of horns, multi drummer, multi singer…it’s a dance floor starter for sure. It’s like voltage enhance Lawrence Welk without the lime green suits. Ha!

Chantel: What kind of a performance do you aim for and why should people come out to see you all play at Wapiti?

Danno: We try and be the most intense, booty-shakin’, stage exploding band most people have ever seen. It’s 6 horns, it’s crazy drumming and it’s a light show all with the two wildest front people you’ve seen. So often people of all ages tell us they have never seen anything like it. That’s the kind of yelp review we’re looking to make each night on tour! We have literally carried each other off stage after shows because everyone is trying to outdo each other going buck wild and crazy. Just come dance mmmkay?!

Chantel: Where is the band from originally and how many dates are you touring this summer?

Danno: We’re from Niagara! It’s beautiful there and we’ll be on the road 75-80 dates. This is “The Shape of Funk to Come” Tour and it stretches 10 provinces and 8 states.

A final thought: This is a band of friends who feel like a family, a group that smiles a ton on stage, and a group that is hanging out before and after the show because we love each other and love the life we have touring and playing music. You’ll see it, you’ll hear it and we promise you that you’ll feel it.

My Son the Hurricane plays Wapiti Saturday, August 11th at 9:45 pm. Find them on Spotify and YouTube until then!


Wapiti Music Festival Wintersleep

Wintersleep is vocalist/guitarist Paul Murphy, drummer Loel Campbell, guitarist Tim D’eon, bassist Mike Bigelow, and keyboardist Jon Samuel. The JUNO Award-winning band have released five previous full-length records. They took a break after the release and touring of their 2012 album Hello Hum, and, during that time, wrote a wealth of new material in their Montreal studio. The band then carefully curated the 11 songs comprising The Great Detachment and returned to record to Halifax’s Sonic Temple with producer Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai).

The Great Detachment was, in majority, recorded live-off-the-floor, adding an organic and transparent aural aesthetic to the collection. “It’s a very different energy,” singer Murphy opines, “and one that we kind of missed.”

The Great Detachment is a rock album overwhelmed with a musical warmth which harkens back to the era of Wintersleep’s much-loved break-out song Weighty Ghost. It’s a call to their fans to assemble and sing along to a new raft of tunes borne from reflection and changing technologies.

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