Wapiti Artist // Roni Jurgensen

We started a tradition at Wapiti a number of years ago. Instead of our logo and poster art on the festival shirts, why not create an opportunity for a local artist to design the shirt and pay them for their time. Every year the shirts and tanks sell out, so I believe this can be called a complete success!

This year we’ve gone to New Denver, BC artist, Roni Jurgensen.

Here is the image we’re using for Wapiti 2017. We love it and we hope you do too.

Roni Jurgensen Moose

Roni’s passion for art and design started with a childhood watercolour paint set. When high school ended, she sold her cherished 72’ Triumph Daytona 500 motorcycle to buy a plane ticket. Squeezing all of her belongings into an old army duffle, she flew across the country to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design. After 4 years of hard study, she started living a double life. By day, a successful illustrator and graphic designer, by night and on weekends continuing to pursue a passion for painting.

In 2014, relocating to the Kootenays with her current motorcycle, a truckload of canvases, paints, brushes, her husband, and three rambunctious rescue dogs. Now, she spends days happily exploring winding roads, backcountry trails and lake shores for inspiration. Eyes wide in search of new ways to create images, to capture the essence of a subject, to stretch out of a comfort zone. You can check out more paintings at her website.

Here are a couple more images from Roni:

Red Fishes - Roni Jurgensen

Horsing Around - Roni Jurgensen

ArtExpo @ Wapiti

Art Expo List

Art Expo List

15 local artists have created an amazing selection of original work for outdoor appreciation at Wapiti Festival. You can vote for your favorite artwork from Wednesday to Saturday August 11-13th 5PM to support an artist in a chance to win the peoples choice award.

Watch for the announcement of the winners at 6:15p, just before Bear Mountain takes the stage!

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WonderWalk @ Wapiti

Shy Girl Wonder Walk

Shy Girl Wonder Walk
Follow the wonderful visual story of Shy Girl in a series of 30 engaging drawings by artist Brina Schenk. Come to Wapiti to experience the debut of the Shy Girl story, walk from one drawing to the next to take in the visuals while the story unfolds and during the Wapiti weekend let us know if you would like to see more WonderWalk stories in the future.

Take the art survey and let us know how you feel about WonderWalk at Wapiti. It only takes a minute. The survey goes live on Friday at 5pm.

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Wapiti’s new stainless steel cup!

Stainless Steel Cup

Stainless Steel Cup

The Wapiti Festival Music Society is pleased to announce it has received a shipment of reusable high quality stainless steel cups from Glogg World Ltd.

“These absolutely gorgeous cups are made from 100% recycled steel in the land where stainless steel was invented,” said Randal Macnair, Wapiti Music Festival beverage garden coordinator.

Macnair spotted an article about how Glastonbury Music Festival in England would be using British-made reusable stainless steel cups at their festival in 2016 and forwarded a link to the Wapiti organizing team.

“We want to reduce the waste from and improve the sustainability of Wapiti which is why we’ve purchased a beautiful and durable cup for beer and cider,” said Wapiti president Kevin McIssaac. “Thanks to the generous support from Fernie Brewing Company’s (FBC) ‘Cheers to Charity’ and a partnership with United Steel Workers (USW) local 9346 could make the move to a more sustainable cup. This couldn’t have happened without the support of our many community partners and the folks in the UK as well. Thanks to Glastonbury’s leadership in sustainability Wapiti is able to be the first festival to bring these cups to Canada.”

“As soon as we heard about this initiative we knew we wanted to be a part of it,” said Alex Hansen, President of USW 9346. “The cups are spectacular and I’m looking forward to enjoying a few tasty pints at Wapiti next weekend!”

“It really makes us happy to support Wapiti and see the funds we raised on their behalf go to the great use of improving sustainability at an already much-loved Fernie event,” said Murry Pask, president of Fernie Brewing Company.

Wapiti is also pleased to announce that beer and cider service will be 100% waste free this year as those who choose not to purchase a reusable steel cup will be able to use compostable cups.

“Thanks to the Regional District of East Kootenay’s recently launched municipal composting pilot and our improved recycling, composting, and waste management systems we will be able to keep all the cups out of the landfill this year,” said Ryland Nelson of Wildsight and Wapiti’s Waste Management Coordinator.