Heather Gemmell

Heather Gemmell

With a flat-brimmed hat, golden waist-length locks and a radiant smile – Heather Gemmell brandishes her own distinct style as a mountain artist. She is the winner of the CBC Searchlight 2022 Fan Choice Award for her song NorthStar Burning. A song that captured the hearts of thousands of people across western Canada depicting the heinous arson that crippled her small-town ski hill and local economy. 

Her songwriting is gripping at both ends of the emotional spectrum. She couples her songwriting and arrangements with a seemly endless bag of tricks including her diverse instrumentalist ability; which she has become renowned for. Her performance style, stage energy and sheer talent set her apart from many other performing artists. 


She has put a new meaning to the term one woman band. Her traditional instruments are blended with a contemporary and elaborate stage plot that can make any musician’s head turn at the site of it. She has three full-length albums under her belt with songs that tell a diverse plethora of stories that captivate her listener’s attention behind every phrase. 

“I feel once a player has reached a certain level of musicianship, it then becomes a quest for tone and stage sound. My journey in music will never end as there is so much to learn and hone with each instrument I play and how I want to showcase them on stage. 

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