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James White Park Fernie

James White Park FAQ

Where will Wapiti Music Festival be held in 2022?

James White Park. It’s off both ends of Mt Minton St in Fernie, BC

Why is it being held there?

The former home of Wapiti was at Annex Park, but the dyke that surrounds Annex Park will be undergoing crucial upgrading over the summer and there will be no access to the park.

How will this affect the festival?

The location change won’t affect any of the core details of the festival. It will still have great music, food, and beverages. It sill is surrounded by trees, next to a park, looking up at the mountains. It will still have great pedestrian and cyclist access. There will be some effect on parking as there is not nearly as much on-site parking.

What does this mean for parking?

Wapiti strongly encourages everyone to walk or bike to Wapiti if possible. On-site parking will be limited to those with mobility challenges. Parking locations will be mapped out, such as along the road near Max Turyk School with an eye to reducing the impact on the nearby neighbours.

What does the festival mean for the new neighbours?

Wapiti festival runs from 6 pm to 11 pm on Friday and from Noon to 11 pm on Saturday. During those times there will be music playing and higher than normal traffic.

What does the new festival location mean for James White Park users?

Access to James White Park will be limited to festival attendees from during the period the festival is operating. Access may be limited due to safety concerns around vehicles and equipment movement on the Thursday before and the Sunday after the festival.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

Please email info@wapitimusicfestival.com with any questions or concerns about the festival or its new location.

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