Kootenay Mountain Culture

Kootenay Mountain Culture is an international-calibre biannual publication dedicated to the celebration and documentation of mountain culture. />

Mountain culture is a growing global subculture found in mountainous regions around the world that are famous for geographical grandeur and active, eclectic lifestyles. Like cultures of any stripe, mountain culture is defined by its history, sport, politics, art, and entertainment, as well as its icons, entrepreneurial spirit, industrial endeavours, and spirituality.

Kootenay Mountain Culture’s (KMC) editorial focus is on stories and images relating to all aspects of mountain culture: issues relevant to local residents, first-time or lifelong visitors to the southeastern corner of British Columbia, as well as anyone in the world who embraces the lifestyles, passions, and pastimes synonymous with mountain landscapes.

We do things differently up here, focusing on engaging storytelling, beautiful design, inspiring photography, and editorialized illustration. We’ve been killing it softly for eight years in the mountain heartland of interior British Columbia, and in that time we’ve emerged as one of the most coveted outdoor publications in North America.