Environmental Management at Wapiti

No news to anyone out there on planet earth, that our planet is not doing so great. Does that mean we cant have any more fun. Heck no!

Planning a big environmentally intelligent event takes some teamwork. Casey Brennan, a board member on our non-profit society, is solely dedicated to just that!

I caught up with Casey for a coffee…

Chan: What green initiatives does Wapiti take?
Casey: Ok there are quite a few, lets go over them all…

· Wapiti has reusable steel beer and wine cups. The beer cups are made from recycled steel. They are produced in England- the birthplace of steel. The are the same cups at the Glastonbury Festival.
· Composting, using a 3 receptacle waste system, Wapiti composts as much organic material as possible,
· We Recycle – Wapiti is expanding to 4 steams to further reduce waste
· Bike Valet – We encourage riding bikes to Wapiti. We offer a FREE secure bike valet
· Vendor education. We educate vendors on how to reduce and compost.
· Wapiti commissions art made of recycled goods. Recycling can be beautiful.
· Clean drinking water is provided on site, goers can bring their own bottles.
· We have limited passes for a small intimate and well managed event.

Chan: What does Wapiti do really well?
Casey: Wapiti takes the initiatives to do better, to be leaders. By keeping it intimate. Also the music is fresh and well curated!

Chan: What can festival goers to do make festivals more green?
Casey: They could bike or walk, bring own bottles and food containers. Vendors will serve food in them. They can support in the waster reducing efforts.

Chan: The planet is hurting, what can we do at Wapiti to help?
Casey: There are so many events all the time, people tend to turn off , they don’t want to the necessary steps. I think just keep the planet in mind, its doesn’t take that much more time. Just buy supporting arts and music, as it’s low carbon enjoyment.

Wapiti is a great green choice. Our passes are limited and we are already on Tier 3, Adult weekend is $89.

Cheers to the planet!

Chantel Vincent
Artistic Director, Wapiti Music Festival