The Greenest Event in Fernie BC

Wapiti Wins Greenest Event Award from Wildsight

A top priority of Wapiti has always been to consider the environmental impact our festival would have.

After some consultations and teamwork among community members, Wapiti has always will continue to strive to present an event with the lowest impact as possible.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton

In 2017 Wapiti won “Greenest Event” in Fernie from the Wildsight Green Awards.

Not only is this important to the board of directors and all Wapiti volunteers, but it’s important to our guests.

Green Wapiti
Photo by Kyle Hamilton
if you have any suggestions.

How we strive for green?

1. Reusable Metal Beer Cups. These metal beer cups are produced by the Steelworks of England. After 2 years into this system, we have seen the results and it has drastically cut our beer cup impact. Beer cups are $10 and hold 20oz of beer. Guests bring them back year after year.

2. Recycling. Sorted recycling stations are throughout the festival for trash and managed by Wildsight member volunteers

3. Paperless Tickets – we are all digital. Unless we are asked specifically for a paper ticket in checkout.

4. We encourage riding bikes to the festival by offering a free and secure bike check. See blog here (link to bike check blog )

5. We’re always looking for new ideas to reduce our impact, so drop us a line

Green Wapiti
Photo by Sharon Kelly