Local Feature Artist // Aidan Lindsay // Merch Shirts

We started a tradition at Wapiti a number of years ago. Instead of our logo and poster art on the festival shirts, why not create an opportunity for a local artist to design the shirt and pay them for their time. Every year the shirts and tanks sell out, so I believe this can be called a complete success! Here are some past shirts I have been keeping in my Wapiti tickle trunk. (Mind the wrinkles).


From Left to Right: 2011 old logo shirt, 2012 Brina Schenk, 2013 Michael Hepher, 2014 Vish Purgass


This year we tapped local artist Aidan Lindsay for her perspective. I’ve always chatted with her at Wapiti, so I knew she was already a fan of the festival. I caught up with her at her adorable house in the Annex (perfect walking distance to the festival she noted).


Chantel:  Tell me a little bit about your history with creating art? What kind of artist are you?

Aidan: Well, I started painting in grade 12, nature has always inspired me. I paint with acrylic on canvas, so that allows me to get a bit abstract with the pieces, which I really like to do. This year I have a show at the Fernie Wellness Centre, so that’s been exciting. I’ve always been interactive in the art community as well, I’ve done the body paint comp and the dumpster art project.

Chantel: So what’s your story Aidan? How did you land in Fernie?

Aidan: I came to Fernie in 2007 to ski and like most people here I got stuck ha ha. I did leave for school, for a bit, then I made my way back and now I work at Teck. I’m in permitting in the environmental department.

Chantel: I’ve seen you at Wapiti before, are you a fan?

Aidan: Oh yes totally. Wapiti is awesome. It’s so small-town and quaint. You know everyone and everyone is just pumped. I don’t always know the bands that are playing but that’s the cool part because you discover new music and come out a fan of them.

Chantel: So you have been working on the 2015 merch shirt, tell me more deets!

Aidan: For sure! Well, I wanted to stick to the elk theme, and the setting. The three sisters are in there! I also wanted to keep it simple and clean. I added in some musical notes just to round out the elk-music-festival theme. Haha there was a lot of trial and error with this project. I think I’ve got everything fully represented on the shirt.

SNEAK PEAK at the 2015 shirts and tanks…. you’re welcome!


Aidan’s art is currently on display at The Fernie Wellness Centre on second ave. Also, she recently completed a stunning mural on the back of a local second ave business. www.aidanlindsay.ca

Her two dumpster art projects can be seen behind Freshies and behind the Royal!

Art show on at the Fernie Wellness Centre

Photo Cred: Mary Giuliano