This is the 2015 schedule. Please note that there is always the possibility of a last minute change. Stay up to date by checking this page and our social media feeds regularly.

Thursday August 6th At Fernie Arts Station Square
6:00 pm Gates Open
6:30 pm Hark Raving Sirens
8:30 pm The Steadies
10:00 pm Gates Closed

Friday August 7th At Fernie Annex Park
6:00 pm Gates Open
7:00 pm Buckman Coe
8:15 pm Reuben and the Dark
9:45 pm The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
11:00 pm Gates Closed

Saturday August 8th At Fernie Annex Park
Noon Gates Open
12:30 pm Kirby
2:00 pm LoveCoast
3:30 pm Towers and Trees
5:00 pm Close Talker
6:30 pm Rah Rah
8:00 pm Mounties
9:45 pm Sherman Downey
11:00 pm Gates Closed