Wapiti Artist // Roni Jurgensen

We started a tradition at Wapiti a number of years ago. Instead of our logo and poster art on the festival shirts, why not create an opportunity for a local artist to design the shirt and pay them for their time. Every year the shirts and tanks sell out, so I believe this can be called a complete success! Here are some past shirts I have been keeping in my Wapiti tickle trunk. (Mind the wrinkles).

From Left to Right: 2011 Vanessa Croome, 2012 Brina Schenk, 2013 Michael Hepher, 2014 Vish Purgass

This year we’ve gone to New Denver artist, Roni Jurgensen. A bio and some photos of her work will be on this page soon.

Here is the image we’re using for Wapiti 2017. We love it and we hope you do to.

Roni Jurgensen Moose