Roni Jurgensen Moose

Wapiti Music Festival

Every August, Wapiti Music Festival delivers a fresh experience to visitors and residents of the Elk Valley. Hear emerging Canadian indie artists on their way to becoming household names. Appreciate veteran performers with new energy to share. Dance with friends.

Walk or ride your bike to the centrally-located Festival site, just blocks from downtown Fernie in a riverside park. Come hungry, so you can enjoy all the good food on offer. The beer, merchandise, and kid’s craft tents are also popular.

With a myriad of activities – before, during, and after – and accessible ticket prices, Wapiti is an event for all ages. Kids and seniors are free.

The Festival runs Friday 6 – 11 PM, Saturday Noon – 11 PM.

Sold Out Wapiti!

Our biggest, best festival ever! Huge thanks to all our attendees, sponsors, and volunteers. The weather and music were hotter than freshly laid pavement. Killer sets and brilliant sound echoed off the valley walls. We had a ton of laughs and danced our feet off. The only thing better than the weekend was thinking about doing again next year.

Wapiti 2018 Runs August 10, 11.

Tourism Fernie

BC wildfires not around Fernie

Tourism Fernie maintains an up-to-date information page about BC wildfires for travelers to the Fernie area. It includes all the links you’ll need to find out about campfires, weather, highways, etc.

From the Tourism Fernie page:
“At 7:00am today Fernie’s sky is clear with a valley fog. Fernie received rain the past two days. Today is expected to be partly cloudy with a high of +23C. The smoke in the air from distant wildfires has cleared.”


At Wapiti Music Festival we focus on finding the best in Canadian Indie. Often these are upcoming bands that have yet to become household names. Others are veterans with new music to share. Regardless, we know you’ll find new music to love at Wapiti. Check out the performers…


Wapiti is held in beautiful Fernie, BC. Come for the music, stay for the biking, hiking, fishing, gnoshing, etc. Read more about Fernie…

Come Celebrate 7 Years With Us!




Fun Level


We started a tradition at Wapiti a number of years ago. Instead of our logo and poster art on the festival shirts, why not create an opportunity for a local artist to design the shirt and pay them for their time.

This year’s artist is Roni Jurgensen of New Denver. Here is her Moose. Wapiti merchandise will be sporting this fantastic piece this summer. Please check out her website.

Roni Jurgensen Moose

PRO TIP: There’s a lot of great information on the FAQ page to make your festival visit awesome!

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